The Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) is an international organization aiming to achieve social prosperity and growth of the digital economy by unifying efforts to advance digital transformation and promote common interests.

Key responsibilities

  • Build outreach strategy and roadmap for new non-government member recruitment
  • Develop value proposition document in alignment with the Digital Strategic Foresight Unit
  • Conduct presentation for candidate non-government members
  • Follow up and track communication with candidate non-government members
  • Identify problems and challenges of candidate non-government members toward the DCO
  • Identify position of candidate non-government members toward the DCO membership
  • Work with legal team to draft membership agreements
  • Work closely with delegates of non-government members to ensure their understanding of roles, rights and obligations of the DCO membership
  • Facilitate communication among DCO members
  • Identify challenges of current non-government members toward the DCO through engaging with other members, internal and external communication, implementation of projects and initiatives
  • Propose the participation of non-government members in the Council meetings without having the right to vote
  • Serve as point of contact for non-government members
  • Conduct non-government member satisfaction surveys
  • Develop initiatives to improve satisfaction

Key capability requirements

  • 10+ years of professional experience with significant accomplishments in Membership, Account Management and/or Business Development including 5+ years of experience in project and team management
  • Prior experience in government ministries of information and technology related domain or global organizations in digital development areas such as ITU is preferred
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited Institution, preferably in Business Administration, Communication, or Public Relation area
  • Ability to foster relationships with members and other stakeholders
  • Excellent personal, political, analytical and communication skills
  • Proof of strong problem-solving skills